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What makes Kocktail different?

Do you prefer freshly squeezed orange juice, or juice from concentrate? Fresh tastes better right...

That's what makes us different. We use fresh ingredients, and make our cocktails weekly, so that you get Kocktails when they are at their finest. Other pre-made cocktail brands focus on mass production and long shelf life. Often sitting there for months (or years) before you get them. That compromises the quality. It's why bottled cocktails are often considered to be not as good as what you would get in a bar. Ours are, because we focus on fresh and quality ingredients.

What are fresh cocktails?

Most bottled and pre-made cocktails are made to have a long shelf life. To do this, companies need to add pasteurised and concentrated ingredients, along with stabilisers and preservatives. This is why people often say that bottled cocktails are never going to be as good as bar-made cocktails.

That's not how Kocktails are made though! We use fresh ingredients. And we make our Kocktails fresh to order each week. This means that they are not sitting around on shelves for months (or years). It means that you can enjoy world class, bottles cocktails at their finest!

How sustainable are Kocktail?

We try hard to keep all our packaging and products as sustainable as possible. Everything (including the box) is recyclable. Unfortunately, because of shipping regulations, we have to ship alcohol in a plastic bag. While we don't love the idea of adding plastic, we have managed to source a bag which is both made from 100% recycled materials, and recyclable.

How much does it cost?

£29 for 4 cocktails or £49 for 8 cocktails on a monthly plan billed every 30 days. All our prices include delivery unless otherwise stated.

How often do I get sent Kocktails?

You are sent out 4 or 8 cocktails every 30 days. Don't worry, as you can always purchase more.

How often am I billed?

The monthly plan is billed every 30 days. Your next billing date is available in your account at all times in the “Subscription” section. You can pause or cancel this at any time.

What Kocktails do I get?

We send you different cocktails each month based on your preferences. Each cocktail is carefully selected by our expert and award-winning bartender Neil Donachie, and mixed by our team of professionals.

What's in each box?

Each box comes with 4 (or 8) cocktails and accompanying garnishes. We also include some information on each cocktail, such as its history, along with the recipe for you to create it again if you wish. (We may also include the odd gift)

What's the difference between light, dark and mixed?

Light Kocktails are a carefully curated selection of fresh, elegant and crowd pleasing cocktails. Featuring luscious fruit flavours and exquisitely balanced lighter spirits.

Dark Kocktails are a sophisticated collection of bitter-sweet classics, bold flavours and spirit led drinks.

Mixed Kocktails are the best of both worlds for the person who wants to have it all. You’ll be the lucky recipient of two light and two dark cocktails.

Do I get an order confirmation?

When you place your first order, we'll send you a welcome email which gives you a breakdown of your order and your ongoing plan. For future orders, we don't send out reminder emails but you can always see your next billing date in your account.

Can I change how often I get deliveries?

Yes, you have full control.

Do I get tracking updates?

We don't currently offer order tracking, as this would double the cost of shipping (and we want to keep offering you free shipping)

How do I manage my account or unsubscribe?

First you will need to sign in. You can do this by clicking on the "little person" icon on the top right of the website. If at this point it says your email is invalid, the account is not active. You will need to sign up for an account using the same email address you signed up for the subscription with (you can do that here).

Once you are signed in, there will be an option to "manage your account". Here you will find all the options for managing your subscription.

Issue signing in

When you signed up for your subscription, you should have been prompted to create an account. If you have an account, then you will be able to sign in using the "little person" icon on the top right of the website.

If at this point it says your email is invalid, the account is not active. You will need to sign up for an account using the same email address you signed up for the subscription with (you can do that here).

If you are still having issues, please contact us at 

More About Kocktail

Who are Kocktail?

Kocktail is a cocktail discovery club. We're a small independent company run by two best friends with a passion for good times and sharing great cocktails.

After visiting plenty of the world's greatest cocktail bars over the last decade, we knew we wanted to experience that same quality of beautifully crafted, world-class cocktails in our own homes and with the minimum of fuss.

So we teamed up with our great friend and international award winning barman Neil Donachie - as pretty much all of the best cocktails we've ever had the pleasure to drink, were mixed by his magic hands!

Neil was the senior bartender at the infamous Savoy Hotel's Beaufort Bar, he was the bar manager at Kenny Atkinson's Michelin starred House of Tides restaurant and he co-owns the spectacular Mother Mercy bar... so it's fair to say he knows a few things about making a great drink.

We thought it was about time we bottled that magic for you to enjoy at home!

How does it work?

1. Pick Your Kocktail Style - Let our expert bartenders know your drinks preferences with just a few clicks and we’ll put together a collection of Kocktails we think you’ll love!

2. We Deliver - Just sit back and before you know it you’ll have your first delivery of Kocktails to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

3. You’re In Control - You can easily modify or cancel your Kocktail subscription at any time. After all, we’re here to serve you!

Do I have to sign up?

We are about discovery, and we want to take you on a journey to taste and learn about new cocktails. To do this, it works best as a subscription. However, we do offer a one off box which you can find here


How fast is delivery?

We ship all our drinks via Royal Mail, so that your box can be put through your letter box and you never miss a delivery.

We offer two options, our standard rate which is free over £29, and uses a Royal Mail 48 service, and a next day service (£3.95) which is shipped with Royal Mail 24.

Our shipping cut off is 1pm Mon-Fri, so all orders made after 1pm will be shipped the next day. If you order after 1pm on a Friday your order will be despatched the following Monday

Order tracking

You will receive a tracking code when your order is shipped


Sadly we cannot offer free returns as we are a small company, however, if you have an issue with our products please get in touch at and we will do our best to sort it out.