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SEPTEMBER - What's In The Box?

*Spoiler Alert* - Read on only if you wish to know what delectable cocktails feature in September's Kocktail Discovery Box...


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The Charlie Chaplin was created at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel just before prohibition and at the very height of Chaplin’s silver screen fame.

It’s not known whether it became Chaplin’s drink of choice but with it’s elegant mix of sweetness from the Hayman’s Sloe Gin and Apricot Liqueur and a snap of tartness from the freshly squeezed lemon juice, this drink is still a truly great entertainer.


This classic Cognac and Cointreau cocktail follows the old wartime adage of “Loose lips sink ships” and it’s creation story remains somewhat shrouded in mystery to this day.

"Loose lips sink ships"

We know the Sidecar’s recipe was first published in 1922 and that the Ritz Hotel of Paris claim ownership but we prefer the story that it was first mixed by an American Captain, in Paris during World War 1, who named it after his military issue Motorcycle sidecar.


The perfect twist on a classic Old Fashioned with the addition of the wonderful amaro, Fernet Branca. Fernet Branca was concocted in Milan way back in 1845 and was said to cure stomach ache and even cholera, however we think it’s main selling point is it’s herbaceous and bitter-sweet recipe that is a closely held secret guarded solely by the president of the company. The Toronto is also our head cocktail curator, Neil Donachie’s favourite cocktail, so you know it’s something special.


They say success has many fathers… The Honeysuckle is claimed as the offspring of at least two classic Cocktail dynasties. One origin story stems from the esteemed Rum Daiquiri family, with the substitution of the Daiquiris’ simple syrup, for some beautiful honey to provide a subtle floral sweetness.

The other cocktail with a claim on the heritage of the Honeysuckle is the Bees Knees, which already features the honey and lemon juice, but with Rum tagging in, in place of the Bees Knee’s Gin base.

Whichever way you look at it, the Honeysuckle would be the favourite child in most families!



The Whiskey Peach is a cocktail that celebrates the wonderful marriage of unlikely bedfellows. In this take on a Whiskey Sour, the rich and aromatic Scotch is highlighted and complemented by a punctuation mark of sweet and velvety summer notes provided by it’s new companion, the delicate skinned but proudly bold Peach, in the form of the excellent Briottet Peach liqueur.

Often a simple and seasonal take on a classic can lift the spirits within both the cocktail and one’s self.



From it’s disputed creation by either restauranteur “Trader Vic” or the American adventurer, rumoured bootlegger and proponent of US Tiki Culture, “Don The Beachcomber” in California way back in 1930s and 1940s, the Mai Tai has found itself comfortable in the world’s best beach-side bars and pool parties alike.

That is until Dan Greenbaum of Attaboy, our favourite NYC bar, decided to swap the liqueur from orange to banana, adding a caramelised depth and surprisingly sophisticated edge to this classic Rum drink.


This twist on the classic Paloma is from the mind of our award winning Kocktail Curator, Neil Donachie. Neil has added the delicate essence of rose petals to this revered Mexican Tequila cocktail, allowing this long, fruity and refreshing drink to open up it’s magical powers outside of Mexico and bring some Jaliscan sunshine into your home.



The Rickey is a classic Highball variation originally created for the Missouri born Democratic Lobbyist Colonel Joe Rickey, whilst at Shoomaker’s bar in Washington DC in the 1880s. It was simple but refreshing mix of Rye, Soda and Lime but the drink really became a classic when the Rye was substituted for Gin shortly after.

Over a century later, our head cocktail curator Neil Donachie presents his spin on the classic, with a hyper seasonal take on this warm weather libation, with the addition of refreshing Cucumber and Elderflower.

Colonel Joe Rickey was rumoured to be annoyed he might be remembered for his namesake drink rather than his diplomatic legacy. It turns out he was probably right to be worried…


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